Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting My Craft On

I wish I was more talented with the things I'm interested in creating...I guess I just need more practice.  They'll pass for usable or art but still need a little refining to adequately brag about or sell...which is what I truly and honestly wish I could do!!!!!
These are burp rags made with the new sewing machine Jordan and I got from his grandma whom just passed away.  I'm soo thankful we were the luck recipients.  

I've wanted a sewing machine for a while now and it's a purchase I probably wouldn't have made until much later in life.  My sister is having a baby in a couple months so I took it upon myself to make her some burp rags.  I think they turned out pretty cute...just these three took 5 hours!  

They're made with Minky and felt-super soft!!!!  I tried my best to make them all the same size...alas, they came out 3 different sizes.  I blame the Minky.  It's a little...uh...fickle.

This is my Polymer Clay ninja.  I watched a YouTube tutorial and wanted to make one.  The clay is pretty inexpensive and the craft time and effort is very minimal.  I'm proud of him...though my sister said he looked like a bear. :)

This is a Cinnamon Roll pancake I made for general conference breakfast a couple weeks ago.  I'd never made them before and just saw a recipe on Facebook.  They turned out to be delicious and I made them again today per Jordan's request. :)

This is a Spring wreath I made for my sister in law.  I'm proud of it!  I wish more people wanted a wreath made for their house.  I'd gladly spend a couple hours crafting another one. :)

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Lindsey Layton said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!!!

The more you sew the faster you'll get! I promise!

happy crafting :)