Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Crafty Fun Continues!

This is just part of the cow I made...the rest of it looked pretty bad so this is all I'm going to show even though it's not done.  I bet you can't tell how many light bulbs are above my head. ha ha ha.

I found another DIY idea on Pinterest, this one was for decorating boring pens...I think mission accomplished...though, it was supposed to be a flower print and now it looks like girly army print. ha.

I made these Mickey earrings for my mom for mother's day since she LOVES everything Disney!  They were super easy and I can't wait to make more!
I added this to Instagram but I'm so proud of it, I wanted to put it on my blog too!  I actually found this pendant on Etsy but it was already sold out.  I decided, you know what?  I can totally make that!  So I did!
So maybe this looks a little odd but I made this from a baby outfit I saw at the store yesterday.  The picture is below...I decided it would make a really cute charm!

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